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Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor-Type B Rotary Crank

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  • Hand-operated, rotary-crank cake donut depositor
  • Can deposit up to 60-100 donuts per minute
  • Holds up to 15 lbs. of cake donut batter
  • Cylinder, plungers and mounting system are sold separately
  • A true industry standard with exceptional operating life


When a product's lifecycle is often measured in decades, you know you're dealing with a true classic. The Type B Cake Donut Depositor by Belshaw has become just such an industry standard. Beloved by donut makers around the world for its smooth, consistent, trouble-free operation even under harsh conditions.


Some donut pros call it a "donut dropper." It's the movable hopper that holds the raw cake donut batter and plops it down into the fryer. It's engineered to precisely deposit exactly the same amount—and shape—of batter every time, at a rate of 60-100 donuts per minute. The result: consistent, beautiful donuts with superior portion control.


The depositor includes the hopper for holding the batter. Mounting systems are sold separtely for attaching the Type B to the fryer itself or a wall. The plunger and cylinder are also sold separately, since they vary based on the types of donuts you're producing. Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you configure a Type B depositor that's just right for your business.

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Tech Specs

  • Production Capacity: 
    Deposits 60-100 donuts/min
  • Hopper Capacity: 
    15 lbs.
  • Operation Type: 
    Hand crank