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Belshaw Donut Robot Mark VI Automatic Donut Maker

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  • Production capacity of 112 dozen donuts/hour (cake)
  • For yeast-raised donuts, production capacity of 96 dozen donuts/hour
  • With optional mini donut kit, pumps out 552 dozen mini donuts/hour
  • Ideal for exhibition-style donut-making
  • Makes perfectly consistent, delicious cake donuts straight out of the box
  • Makes raised donuts with optional accesories, like trays, tables and cloths (not included)
  • Handles all kinds of cake donuts, like crullers, krinkles, sticks using a variety of optional plungers
  • Fully electric system (208-240/3Ph) 


If you're tired of standing over a hot fryer flipping donuts, and you're ready to automate the frying process, look no further than the Donut Robot Mark VI automatic donut machine from Belshaw Adamatic. Frying and turning donuts is completely automated, so you can spend your time doing other things. Ideal for exhibition-style cooking, turning the donut-making process into a traffic-stopping delight for your customers.


The Mark VI is the bigger, beefier brother of the Mark V, spanning twice the width and amping up production to 112 dozen cake donuts an hour. Add an optional Belshaw Feed Table, Trays and Cloths and you can churn out about 96 dozen yeast-raised donuts an hour. This includes rings, bars and berliners, even twists and unusual shapes. 


Production benefits include a perfectly consistent frying time, which eliminates guess work, speeds up production and reduces shortening consumption by up to 50%. Because frying and turning are automated, you'll save on labor costs as well. Plus, the extra production capacity of the Mark VI can really help when your customers expect fresh donuts—and you don't have all night to make them.


For maximum benefit, you'll want to assemble a full Mark VI system, including EZMelt filter, a rack loader, proofing trays, icers and glazers. Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you put together a complete Mark VI package to fit your operation.



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Tech Specs

  • Production Capacity: 
    112 Dozen Donuts/Hr
  • Mini Donut Capacity: 
    552 dozen/hr with optional kit
  • Heating Method: 
  • Voltage: 
  • Phase :