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Belshaw Open Kettle Donut Fryer - 34" x 24" Frying Area

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  • Floor model with frying area of 34" x 24"
  • Production capacity of 130-150 dozen standard donuts an hour
  • Fries 48 standard donuts simultaneously
  • Drain tray/cover opens on right side (field reversible)
  • Includes 2 screens with handles
  • Compatible with Belshaw Type B or F Depositors
  • Optional submerger for donut holes, loukoumades, etc.


In every field, the use of certain equipment signals to the world you're serious about what you're doing. In donut making, the serious gear is made by Belshaw Adamatic. Tough. Reliable. Efficient. Won't let you down—which is why the serious pros use it.


Open kettle donut fryers, like the 634 and 734 models shown here, are the tool of choice for donut shops, bakeries, coffee shops and other donut-making artisans who like to work the donuts manually. Since donuts are turned by hand—giving the operator complete control over frying time—just about any donut creation you can dream up can be made here.


These floor-standing models feature a 34" x 24" frying area—enough to cook four dozen donuts at once—and can produce 130-150 dozen donuts an hour. Ideal for both cake and yeast-raised donuts, and other bakery favorites, like loukoumades, funnel cakes, elephant ears, paczkis, porogis, fritters, hushpuppies and fried goods of all kinds.


Available in both gas (propane or natural) or electric, with a full range of accessories to customize your donut-making experience. 

Catalog Number

21262, 21277

Tech Specs

  • Production Capacity: 
    130-150 Dozen Donuts/Hr
  • Heating Method: 
    Electric (634) or Gas (734)
  • Gas Capacity (734): 
    89,000 BTU
  • Voltage (638): 
  • Phase: 
    1 or 3