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Biro Patty/Food Forming Machine F2000N

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  • Production capacity of 2,000 patties/hour
  • Works for ground beef, pork, chicken, fish and more
  • Adjustable patty weight
  • Wide range of optional patty shape dies, like squares, ovals and more
  • Only NSF certified tabletop patty machine on the market


Busy supermarkets, meat production plants and large restaurants trust their patty-making duties to Biro's F2000N. It's the only NSF-rated, tabletop patty-making machine on the market. 


It cranks out up to 2,000 patties an hour, including ground beef, pork, chicken and more. Run standard patties or customize your own gourmet blend, with additions like mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Signature blends help you create profitable distinction in the marketplace.


Variable patty weights are possible using the same basic drum configuartion. Weight is altered by adjusting patty height in increments up to 3/4". Meat-lovers choose Biro patty machines because the end product is not as compressed and tough as other patty machines. And, with a variety of optional custom die-shapes available—like square, oval, rectangle, fish, cutlet, heart, chicken leg and chicken nuggets—the sky's the limit on your creativity.


Of course, superior reliability, easy cleanup and smart, compact design are hallmarks of all Biro machines, which is why meat pros love them. Let your Horizon equipment specialist show you how to create a profit center in your operation with custom patty-making options from Biro.



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Tech Specs

  • Production Capacity: 
    2,000 Patties/Hr
  • Motor: