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Biro Patty/Food Forming Machine HD3000EHN

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  • Production capacity of 3,000 patties/hour
  • Extended hopper holds more product for greater efficiency
  • Works for ground beef, chicken, pork, fish and more
  • Variable patty weight adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • NSF-certified


The extended hopper on this classic Biro patty-making machine lets you load more product for greater processing efficiency. It's rated to 3,000 patties an hour, and works with nearly any kind of ground meat that will stick together and form a patty, like beef, chicken, pork, fish and more


You can pump out traditional patties, or create special artisan gourmet blends that create profitable distinction for your busines. Why not add bleu cheese, mushrooms or peppers to your patties, or whip up a custom breakfast sausage blend? With Biro patty machines, you have the flexibility to turn your patty-making operation into a custom profit center.


Choose from the included round patty die, or order custom shapes, like squares, ovals, nuggets and more. Patty weigh can also be customized with the included drum by varying the patty height. Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you configure your Biro patty maker to fit your creative vision—and your business goals.



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Tech Specs

  • Production Capacity: 
    3,000 Patties/Hr.
  • Hopper Capacity: 
    60 lbs
  • Motor: