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The Coldest Beer in Town Comes from Chill-Rite

Industry-leading bars and restaurants are creating profitable distinction by delivering incredibly cold beer. Like, 32°, as opposed to the traditional 38-40° conventional beer systems deliver. Chill-Rite has earned an exclusive reputation in the market by guaranteeing 32° beer in the glass—no matter the temperature of the keg beer in the cooler.

How do they do it? A comprehensive, quality-engineered system designed at the factory to ensure a continuous 32°.  On beer line runs over 80 feet, they utilize 1/2-inch glycol coolant lines, a refrigerated recirculation that cools the lines and a sealed glycol reservoir that ensures no glycol dissipation. Put it all together, and they can remove up to 8 degrees of temperature from cooler to tap. On shorter runs, proprietary cold packs mounted on the beer cooler wall also help remove the heat.

The net result is a cold beer customers notice, prefer and come back for again and again. Cold beer prevents expansion of carbon dioxide bubbles, preventing customers from getting that bloated, heavy feeling that keeps them from enjoying their beer and ordering more.

You'll get more beer from every keg—guaranteed.

Aside from the competitive- and customer-retention advantages, beer served at 32° has an immediate payoff for owners. Excessive, wasteful foaming occurs at higher beer temperatures. The warmer the beer gets, the more is poured down the drain. With Chill-Rite systems, owners experience an immediate decrease in waste and an increase in beers served per keg of up to 30%!

This is not smoke-and-mirrors. Chill-Rite reports a major field test by a sports stadium that demonstrated 95% of all keg beer served to customers—25-30% higher than industry estimates of around 70-75% for a typical beer system. In the old days, when most keg beer was cheap and came from mass-marekt breweries, owners didn't think twice about pouring foamy beers down the drain. Today, with craft beer kegs in the mix costing far more than conventional kegs, the Chill-Rite efficiency increase pays for the system in short order.

Products for serving "so-cold-it-hurts" shots.

Chill-Rite has extended their reputation for amazing cold to cocktails, with a chilled liquor system called Shock-A-Vodka that delivers stunningly cold 5°F shots of all types of liquor. The bar-area-mounted system frosts up the liquor holding reservoirs, for a visually impressive, memorable presentation (see main article photo above). A simple gravity-feed mechanism loads the liquor into the holding tank, with the bottle serving as a point-of-purchase cue to customers. One bar owner who typically served about 1,000 shots a month, reported 1,500 shots a week after installing the Shock-A-Vodka system.

As another powerful tool for creating memorable distinction, Chill-Rite offers Frost Rails; a refrigerated, 32° drink rest built right into the bar top, so customers can rest their beer or cocktails right on the bar and keep it cold. The visually striking presentation takes bars to a whole different level.

Behind all of these products stands Chill-Rite's reputation as a family-owned and operated company that engineers exceptional products. They simply make good stuff, whether its a simple system or a complicated, custom instllation. Ask your Horizon beer equipment specialist to help you design, configure and equip a system that will create profitable distinction for your business.