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Perlick Beverage Systems: Best-in-Class Solutions for Bars and Restaurants

For a hundred years, Milwakuee-based Perlick has been a family-owned, American-made tour de force in bar and restaurant beverage systems. Early pioneers in automated refrigeration and long beer runs, they literally wrote the book on what would become a long, proud tradition of quality beverage engineering.

Today, Perlick's commercial line includes custom bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, award-winning underbar items, industry-leading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery fittings. Their underbar systems have been awarded 13-straight best-in-class awards for underbar fabrication by Foodserivce Equipment & Supplies magazine.

Designers, architects and general contractors choose Perlick products because every solution is engineered at the factory, then shipped to the customer site. This up-front dedication to design and quality means a custom solution perfect for the customer's business, and less installation headaches and problems. With nearly every product able to be custom-configured, Perlick systems fit the application perfectly.

Beer systems that deliver flexibility and quality.

Perlick offers several critical features that differentiate their beer systems. First, they offer copper coolant lines that are 17% more efficient than standard poly lines. This saves you energy—especially critical the longer your beer run is.

Second, Perlick's innovative empty keg sensor is the only keg tapping device (called a coupler) that includes an integrated sensor that detects when the keg is empty and shuts off beer flow to the lines. This keeps beer in the lines, eliminates foam flow and makes keg switchouts faster and more efficient.

Third, Perlick's high-quality power paks come in either air-cooled or water-cooled configurations to match your particular beer system. This means Perlick adapts to your design; you don't have to adapt to theirs.

Fourth, their unique glycol bath flash chiller drops beer temperature from the standard keg storage temperature of 38° to 32° for a true, cold-beer experience. For customers that like their beer really cold, this system simply can't be beat.


Underbar equipment and fabrication that wins awards year after year.

Perlick is a rate bird; an engineering-driven company that makes extremely high-quality equipment in standard configurations, yet offers nearly limitless customization. The net result is simple: Bar and restaurant owners get exactly what they want, whether their bar is straight, curved, round or square. For establishments that value that top-shelf, highly finished look, where everything not only looks great, but is integrated flawlessly for maximum worrkflow efficiency, Perlick is the way to go.

Their Top Shelf underbar line is a perennial favorite among bartenders, with a full range of stainless steel solutions from a full die wall modular bar system for new bars or remodels, to cocktail stations, glass storage and drainboards, ice chests, sinks and faucets, blenders statios and more.

Modular systems are all-inclusive with chases provided for beverage lines, electrical and plumbing, and allow for the addition of custom millwork panels (supplied by other vendors to match the bar's interior) for easy access.


Glycol-cooled beer towers dramatically reduce beer waste—and improve profits.

Perlick has crunched the numbers about how much beer is wasted in a typical competitor's beer system due to excessive foaming:










Perlick controls a combination of factors to deliver solid beer in every pour, eliminating waste due to foaming. The biggest contributing factor in wasteful foam production is beer not maintaining a steady 38° all the way from the keg to the faucet. To maintain the perfect temperature on every pour, Perlick uses Insulated dispensing heads, pure copper coolant lines and cold block to maintain the perfect 38° right up to the faucet. Factory-balanced restrictors deliver flow control and assure solid beer with every pour for maximum profit.

Ask your Horizon beer system professional to help you develop a custom Perlick beverage system for your business.