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Citrocasa 8000 Series Commercial Citrus Juicer

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  • Designed for establishments that demand premium, fresh-squeezed juice
  • Unique SCS “Up & Down” cutting system delivers superior product with less bitterness
  • Digital display with counter for pressed oranges
  • Large rotary table made of stainless steel
  • Available as free-standing, with stainless steel pedestal or with complete rolling stand


Now your operation can offer healthy, fresh-squeezed juice to your customers quickly, hygenically and profitably. Citrocasa juicers are known for their pure, velvety sweetness. Why? A better slicer. The revolutionary up-and-down slicing motion makes clean, fast cuts without tearing the peel. The result is less peel oil in the juice, reducing bitterness and increasing customer satisfaction. 


The 8000 series juicers from Citrocasa give you the production and configuration flexiblity you need. As shown above, a variety of models, from countertop to free-standing floor models, from staff-operated to customer self-service give you complete control over your juicing operation. Bright, stainless steel design with vibrant orange accents function as a billboard for freshness, driving retail traffic and increasing sales.


It really comes down to the three key advantages every Citrocasa juicer offers—taste, hygiene and efficiency. Your Horizon equipment specialist will help you configure just the right juicer to fit your production and profit goals.





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Tech Specs

  • Squeezing Capacity: 
    40 oranges/min.
  • Juice output: 
    .7 gal/min.