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Citrocasa Fantastic Series F/D Citrus Juicer

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  • Automatic fruit-feeding, high-capacity fruit hopper (37 lbs) with Two Level Feeding System (TLF)
  • Multifunctional display: fruit quantity settings, digital fruit counter, 5 languages
  • Minimal space requirements with base width of only 11 inches
  • Fast juicing of 1/2 gallon per minute
  • Highest quality juice with SCS Up & Down Cutting System
  • Easy and user-friendly operation
  • 37.2 x 19.7 x 25.8 inches HxWxD
  • Available by special request: Serial port for cashier systems


Bakeries, cafes, restaurants and hotels that need a fast, efficient way to fill carafes of freshly squeezed juice will love the Citrocasa Fastastic F/D series juicer.


Citrocasa juicers are known for the sweetest juice. The reason is simple: A better cutter. The blade on their unique up-and-down SCS cutting system makes a cleaner cut, reducing the amount of bitter peel oil making its way into the juice. The net result is super sweet, incredibly fresh-tasting juice. 


The high-capacity hopper holds up to 37 pounds of fruit, fed into the cutter by a unique Two Level Feeding (TLF) system. The net output is a half-gallon of fresh-squeezed juice per minute. With a compact countertop footprint of 11 inches base width, you'll have professional juicing power right where you want it.


The machine is attractively designed, with bright stainless with vibrant orange accents, helping drive retail awareness and sell more juice. Cleanup is simple, fast and hygenic, reducing labor costs. For a fast, simple, hygenic and great-tasting juicer, it's hard to beat the Citrocasa Fantastic F/D.


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Catalog Number

Fastastic F/D

Tech Specs

  • Ouput: 
    1/2 gallon per minute
  • Fruit Capacity: 
    37 lbs
  • HxWxD: 
    37.2 x 19.7 x 25.8