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Digi DS-520 Waterproof Scale

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  • Watertight construction is ideal for meat and fish processing that requires frequent wash-downs
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use, with AC or battery operation
  • Chemical resistant and corrosion-proof 
  • Weight range capacity up to 300 kg (please specify weight range requirements when ordering)
  • Auto power-off function preserves battery life


This flexible, waterproof scale is perfect for applications that require frequent scale wash-downs, like meat and fish packaging. Operates on standard AC power, or up to 200 hours on six dry cell batteries. So, you can use it in your store, or take it to farmer's markets, shows and special events where power might not be easily accessible.


Stainless steel, watertight design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's resistant to both chemicals and corrosion, for years of trouble-free operation in tough environments.


The DS-520 comes in a variety of weight ranges, from 6kg in 2g increments on the low end, to 300 kg in 100g increments on the high end. The scale platform also comes in a range of sizes. Your Horizon equipment specialist will help you choose the right model of the DS-520 to meet your unique production needs.


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Tech Specs

  • Display Type: 
  • Weight Range: 
    Please specify when ordering
  • Power: 
    AC or Battery