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Frymaster Gas Floor Fryer 40 Pounds GF14SD

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  • Gas, floor-standing fryer with 40 pound oil capacity
  • Open pot design allows safe access to every inch of cooking area for faster cleanup
  • Requires no electrical hookup
  • Durable heat transfer system can be relied on for years of superior performance
  • Deep collection zone and large, 1-1/4" ball-type drain valve make oil management easier
  • Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet


Who says you have to spend a fortune to get high-end fryer performance? The GF14SD is part of Frymasters value-priced GF line of floor fryers that offer the ultra-depdable reliability and menu flexiblity that has made Frymaster an industry standard around the world.


The Master Jet burner system has durable metal targets for reliable, even heat transfer and years of trouble-free operation. The 40-pound, open pot design makes cleanup a snap—and safer—with no tubes to get in the way.


A deep, front-sloping cool zone handles high-sediment product with ease, and has a larger volume for trapping sediment, preserving oil integrity longer. That saves you money and improves product quality for your customers.


Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you find the right Frymaster fryer for your operation.


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Tech Specs

  • Fryer Type: 
  • Oil Capacity: 
    40 lbs.
  • Fry Baskets: