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Frymaster Gas Floor Fryer 50 Pounds GF40SD

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  • 50-lb. standard gas floor fryer with microvolt controllers
  • No electrical connection required
  • 122,000 Btu/hr.
  • Produces 69 lbs of french fries/hr.
  • 14" x 15" x 5" fry area
  • Deep collection zone and large 1-1/4” IPS ball-type drain valve aids sediment removal


With the GF40SD, you can get into the benefits of high-end fryers at an economical price point. This highly flexible, general purpose 50-lb gas floor fryer features Master Jet heat transfer system for even, consistent heat. The tubeless fry pot cooking area means faster, safer cleanups.  And, it'll crank out 69 pounds of french fries an hour. Super simple to use. Just set the desired temperature, and start cooking.


A deep, front-sloping cool zone handles high-sediment product with ease, and has a larger volume for trapping sediment, preserving oil integrity longer. Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you pick the right optional Frymaster accessories, like a Piezo ignitor, frypot covers, full size baskets, basket support screen and casters.





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Tech Specs

  • Oil Capacity: 
    50 lbs.
  • Heat Type: 
  • Lbs. of Fries/Hr.: