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Garland G Series 36" Restaurant Range with 6 Burners G36-6R

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  • G Series restaurant range with six, 33,000 BTU burners
  • Heavy duty, cast iron 2-piece Starfire-Pro burners lift off for easy cleaning
  • 27" cooking surface fits two 13.5 inch frying pans front to back
  • Standard oven pumps out 38,000 BTUs and is porcelain on all six interior surfaces
  • Cast iron "H" style oven burner is built to last, even under constant usage


Some ranges squander precious cooking surface real estate, but the G Series restaurant ranges from Garland make excellent use of every square inch. The G Series eliminates the dead space gap near the rear wall of the range, creating 27 full inches of cooking surface, easily fitting two 13.5" frying pans front to back. In fact, the burners will accommodate six 12" pots.


Starfire burners pump out 33,000 BTUs and feature a simple, lift-off design for easy clearning and maintenance. A fully protected pilot burner stays lit even when pots boil over, maximizing up time and eliminating frustration. And, a patented gas circulating system ensures every gas burner port has a flame of even height, for ultra-consistent, even cooking.


The range features stainless on the front, sides, 5" plate rail and the backguard. Crumb trays come in three, 12" sections, so there's no wrestling a massive 36" tray throught the kitchen, like on some competitors' designs.


Down below the standard oven holds a full sheet pan side-to-side, or front-to-back. All six interior surfaces—including the door—are porcelain, for even heat distribution and ease of cleaning. The heavy-duty, cast iron H-burner puts out 38,000 BTUs and is designed for years of trouble-free service.


Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you find the right size and configuration of your G Series range by Garland.


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Tech Specs

  • Stovetop Configuration: 
    6 gas burners
  • Stovetop Burner BTUs: 
    33,000 each
  • Oven Type: 
  • Oven BTUs: