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Manitowoc Indigo Series 450 Lb Half Cube Style Ice Machine IY-0454A

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  • 450 lb daily ice production
  • Air cooled design 
  • Energy star rated
  • Programmable production schedules to match your production needs
  • Schedule ice making at off hours to save on energy costs (depending on your location)
  • Green features include patented Air Assist technology
  • Easy cleaning with front access and no-tools-required design


This air-cooled, half-cube-style ice machine cranks out 450 pounds of ice per day and is loaded with the features that Indigo Series customers have come to love. 


Intelligent diagnostics monitor the ice-maker 24 hours a day, catching problems before they become a major issue that shuts down ice production. The issue is shown on the indigo easy-read display for immediate addressing, and is stored internally so service techs can plug in and find out what's wrong quickly—saving you time and money on service calls.


The bright, backlit, indigo Easy Read display gives you at-a-glance status updates on the machine as you walk by.  With the programmed ice feature, you can adjust your ice production on a daily basis, ramping up production during peak hours and relaxing it during off times. You can even program the machine to be inactive on your off days, starting it again a few hours before you come in the next business day. And, if energy costs are lower in your area during off-peak hours, you can schedule the IY-0454A to make more ice during those times.


Finally, operators love the Indigo series cleanbility. All surface parts that require cleaning are accessible from the front and can be easily removed without tools, so there's no reaching around the back—or for a screwdriver. Rounded corners make wipe-downs fast and easy, reducing cleaning time.


Ask your Horizon equipment expert to help you configure a Manitowoc Indigo series ice machine that's right for you—including optional storage bins, filters and other important accessories. We proudly carry the entire line of Manitowoc ice machines with production levels from 100 to 3000+ pounds of daily ice-making.


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Tech Specs

  • Ice Production: 
    450 lbs/day
  • Condenser Type: 
    Air Cooled
  • Width: