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Rancilio Classe 7 E Espresso Machine

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  • Commercial espresso maker available in 2-group or 3-group models
  • Ideal for medium-production applications
  • Available in automatic (E), semi-automatic (S) and in tall option
  • Built-in volumetric pump precisely controls dosing volume
  • Energy-saving mode reduces to 2/3 power for a 20% savings
  • Includes 2 steam wands


There's no finer medium-production commercial espresso machine on the market. The "E" stands for "automatic," meaning volumetric controls can be pre-programmed to stop water flow at precise dosing measurements. For busy shops where multi-tasking is happening, that saves significant stress and labor. Or, when things slow down, baristas can go old-school semi-automatic and monitor dosing volume visually.


The Classe 7 has smart, ergonomic features built-in, like white, backlit LED controls that work wonders in dark coffee shops. Built-in pump and steam gauges let you know what's going on inside the machine at a glance. And, the hot water dispenser with time-controlled dosing is a nice touch. Stand-by mode reduces energy consumption by 20%, a valuable addition for operations seeking to reduce their energy footprint.


The Classe 7 comes in 2-group or 3-group configurations, with a semi-automatic model and a tall model for high cups. Ask your Horizon equipment specialist to help you configure the right Classe 7 machine for your unique operation.




Catalog Number

Classe 7 E

Tech Specs

  • Power, 2 Group: 
    2,700 Watts
  • Power, 3 Groups: 
    6,000 Watts
  • Boiler: 
    11 Liter (2 group)