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Vulcan V Series Heavy Duty Gas Range 36" Single Griddle Top

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  • Heavy duty V series range with single griddle top, manually controlled
  • Features three 30,000 BTU burners, individually controlled
  • Heavy duty stainless construction on front, front top ledge, burner box, sides, base, and stub back
  • Modular configuration top and bottom for maximum flexiblity
  • Comes with modular base, or standard oven, convection oven or storage cabinet base


If you're cranking out pancakes or burgers all day long, you probably don't need a manually controlled griddle top. But if you grill a wide variety of menu items at different temperatures, a manual griddle is the way to go.


This heavy duty V Series range with single griddle top is designed for operations with high production demands and an appreciation for superior aesthetics. Built tough to impress back-of-the-house veterans, yet dressed elegantly for display cooking in the front of the house. Stainless steel everywhere it matters with three 30,000 BTU burners, each manually adjustable for maximum control.


The griddle plate is 3/4" polished steel, framed by two 4" side splashes and a 4" stainless steel stub riser. Comes configured as a modular unit, or with a standard oven, convection oven or cabinet storage base on the bottom. Your Horizon equipment specialist will help you choose a V series griddle with the right configurations for your unique application.

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Tech Specs

  • Stovetop Configuration: 
    Single Griddle
  • Burners: 
  • BTUs, Stovetop Burners: 
  • Control Type: