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For over 30 years, Horizon has outfitted leading foodservice professionals with the equipment they need to make the world’s most incredible food. Today, we proudly offer comprehensive consulting services on every aspect of foodservice equipment in your operation.


We’ll help you design your cooking suite, draw up an equipment plan and budget, choose the right gear to optimize your menu production and staff workflow, order, ship and install your equipment, train your staff and follow up with 24/7/365 service and maintenance plans that protect and maximize your investment.


Quite simply, we are the outfitter for your cooking adventure.


Your trusted foodservice equipment advisors


Horizon Consultation Meeting


Whether you’re just starting your very first food business, or you’re the corporate buyer for a major national chain, Horizon is your trusted equipment advisor. With three decades of experience in every aspect of the foodservice industry, we have the experience and expertise to help you make the smartest equipment decisions.


We’ll help you find the right equipment at the right price to meet your operational, budgetary and long-term equipment investment goals. Whether you’re bootstrapping your first startup and used equipment makes perfect sense, or you’re opening your latest in a long string of successes and new equipment is the way to go, we’ll prove our consultative value with every piece of equipment you order.


Unmatched expertise in foodservice equipment



Horizon’s business advantage comes down to two words: Experience and expertise. We have staff specialists in all types of foodservice operations including restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, education, bars, casinos, meat processing and more. We'll help you completely outfit your business, from walk-in coolers and freezers, to cooking equipment, smallwares, coffee, beverage and ice cream equipment and anything else you might need.


Our equipment experts average over 20 years of experience! We even have an experienced corporate chef on staff—JD Bell. Think about that the next time you’re ordering a $10,000 combi oven from a kid behind a computer who hasn’t been closer to a commercial kitchen than the ordering line at Taco Bell.


A full-line distributor with warehouse logistical support



Superior logistical planning and execution are critical to successfully acquiring expensive, sensitive foodservice equipment. At Horizon, we’ve helped organizations large and small plan the timing, shipping, delivery and installation of their equipment to ensure maximum operational efficiency and protection of these expensive assets.


For remodeling and new construction jobs, we’ll help you coordinate the logistics between the many parties that are often involved in the installation of foodservice equipment—like electricians, plumbers and other contractors. Horizon has the job site experience to ensure a smooth flow during the installation process, and to quickly and professionally troubleshoot when problems arise.


Our proven job site efficiency is why our factory-certified, field-tested technicians are the favorite of architects and general contractors, and are often called on to do overnight installations for critical store openings and other deadline-sensitive projects. When you need the real pros, there’s only one call to make—Horizon.