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The foodservice equipment installation experts.

Moving heavy, expensive foodservice equipment into a cooking environment is no job for amateurs. Tight corners and narrow spaces demand the right experience, smarts, equipment—and muscle.


Once the equipment is in place, getting it connected and geared up for production requires even more expertise, which is why many of our competitors opt out of this final step. Not Horizon. We have the CFESA-certified professionals to get your installation job done right, from start to finish.


The heavy machinery and pros to install all foodservice equipment.


Horizon Installation Team Truck


Our customers order everything from a single frying pan, to 60 x 60 walk-in coolers shipped in pieces on flatbed semi trucks. No matter how big, heavy or complicated your foodservice equipment, Horizon has the tools and talent to get the job done.


And, unlike ordering from a company that uses third-party delivery vendors—and is nowhere to be found when freight damage occurs—Horizon will go to bat for you with the transportation company if your equipment is damaged. As your trusted equipment outfitter, we’ll make sure your equipment is production ready. It's that simple.


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Warehouse staging ensures your gear arrives at exactly the right time.


Horizon's Warehouse Staging of Foodservice Equipment


Varying manufacturer production times may mean multiple pieces of equipment for larger installations are ready at different times. With Horizon’s 35,000 square foot warehouse facility, we’ll take delivery of  your equipment as it’s ready and hold it until installation day.


This means you don’t have to deal with equipment arriving to your business in piecemeal fashion, cluttering your facility and inconveniencing your staff. Horizon’s convenient warehouse staging minimizes downtime and headaches for your operation.


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The widest breadth of installation experience


Horizon service tech installs cooking counter at Upton 43, Minneapolis


There is simply no substitute for experience. Horizon has installed foodservice equipment in bakeries, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hotels, casinos, schools—just about any food business you could imagine. We have the range of experience to ensure your job is done quickly, professionally and accurately.


A small sample of the equipment we’ve installed for our clients

  • Ranges and stoves
  • Reel ovens, rack ovens and tunnel ovens
  • Freezers 
  • Walk-in Coolers 
  • Bakery Ovens, Floor Mixers and Proofers
  • Display Cases 
  • Sinks, Sanitizers and Dishwashers 
  • HVAC systems, including roof-mounted units


Horizon installation team builds a walk-in beer cooler at Insight Brewing, Minneapolis


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What We Do

EquipDesign | Install | Service | Parts