Restaurant Kitchen Equipment & Design

We partner with extraordinary restaurateurs to bring their vision to life.

Start Designing Your Kitchen

We recognize the kitchen is the heart and soul of the operation with staff who deserve to work in a cooking environment that respects their talents.

We work with you, your architect, interior designer, and construction team to ensure that the heart and soul of your operation- the kitchen- is executed with the precision of detail you demand.

What We Do

  • Full kitchen design
  • Provide all equipment
  • Install equipment
  • Service equipment

Always up for a challenge

Whether you want the largest hearth in the Northern Hemisphere or a modest kitchen, we want to bring your concept to life.

No templated proposals

Your kitchen's needs are unique. We'll never include equipment for your kitchen that you simply don't need.

Relationships matter

Yes, we're current on leading technology, but our old-school, in-person relationships are what separate us from the competition.

"Every other proposal I had to cut so many things out. With Horizon Equipment, they listened to me."

I appreciated the importance of someone sitting down with you and shaking your hand and talking with you. [Horizon's] team underpromised and overdelivered and I love that.

Nick Rancone | Owner of In Bloom