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ArticleJanuary 12, 2022
Employee Spotlight

At Horizon, our service department is a big part of our business.  Our service technicians go above and beyond the status quo and Marc Gilbertson is no exception to that.

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Vendor ProfileDecember 17, 2021

Keep ingredients fresh, chilled, and within reach while creating those sandwiches that bring everyone in the door. Increase the speed and efficiency of food prep in your operation with Continental Refrigerator Sandwich Units.

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ArticleDecember 01, 2021
Working with Local Food Shelf Services to Provide Better Options

Horizon became involved with Foundation For Essential Needs (FFEN) over four years ago.  FFEN didn’t become just another customer of ours, they became our friends, and we are so proud to be able to work with them. 

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A group of friends having a cheers over dinner
ArticleNovember 17, 2021
Season of Eating | Holidays Are Around the Corner (Part II)

In the weeks ahead, there will be an abundance of group-centered celebrations with food. During the myriad of holidays on the horizon, you will likely shift the flavors and focus of your menu to satisfy regular guests and attract new patrons.

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ArticleNovember 05, 2021
Donuts - 10 Facts You May (or may not) Know

National Donut Day.  A holiday so great, it's celebrated in some form at least twice a year.  The first Friday in June is the original National Donut (or doughnut, if you prefer) Day, dating back to the 1930’s to honor the women who served doughnuts to soldiers in World War I.  The second holiday falls on November 5th.  Nobody really knows the backstory on the November 5th date

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ArticleOctober 18, 2021
Season of Eating | Holidays Are Around the Corner (Part I)

Patio season will soon give way to the season of eating: group-centered celebrations with food in abundance. During the myriad of holidays on the horizon, you will likely shift the flavors and focus of your menu to satisfy regular guests and attract new patrons. 

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ArticleSeptember 24, 2021
The Heart of the Kitchen - Why Ventilation is a Must

Ventilation hoods are vital in commercial kitchens.  They remove harmful exhaust while keeping the kitchen safe.  Did you know that there are six types of exhaust?  Not only can exhaust be harmful to employees, it can have a negative effect on equipment, customers and HVAC systems.  The six exhaust types that can be harmful or undesirable in a commercial kitchen are:

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ArticleAugust 13, 2021
Back to Basics - Sanitation Nation

Restaurants are back to full capacity and it seems the wait times are longer than ever to get a table.  Smile - this is a good thing!  Businesses are in full sprint to keep the beer flowing, the fryers frying and a steady stream of patrons in the doors up until closing time.  At Horizon, we’ve felt the rush, too!  Our service team is working round the clock to get all the repairs needed to keep

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ArticleJanuary 24, 2020
New Dining Experience for Movie-Goers

Heading to the movies has gotten a whole lot more entertaining and delicious.

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ArticleJanuary 13, 2020
Seed to table, table to compost

The Edible Classroom is an innovative district-wide wellness initiative for Minnesota’s Waconia School District 110. This program is creating healthy lifestyles and a good foundation for wellness with its focus on local sourcing of food products and cultivating what they can in their own gardens—with student participation.   

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ArticleJanuary 06, 2020
Interested to Learn More About Horizon Equipment’s Employees?

Horizon Equipment has updated our team bios on the website. Our team has a variety of backgrounds, skills and interests. From equipment specialists, project managers, service technicians, shipping and receiving specialists, accounting and more, each person plays a vital role in the success of the company since its inception in 1981.

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ArticleDecember 23, 2019
Meet the New Vice President of Business Development

Welcome the new vice president of business development, Todd Sherner, to Horizon! Todd is an expert in the foodservice industry and strives in strategic planning, account management, operations analysis, marketing initiatives, staff leadership and more.

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ArticleDecember 16, 2019
Meet Horizon's new controller

Welcome Andrew Youngquist to the Horizon Team. Meet Horizon's new Controller, Andrew Youngquist, who joined the company in July 2019. Andrew will work alongside Horizon’s leadership team and customer base.

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Photo of Horizon Equipment employees
ArticleDecember 09, 2019
Horizon and the Future of Restaurant Kitchen Outfitting

The Horizon name is growing!

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ArticleJuly 30, 2019
Summer’s hottest two weeks are here, don’t lose your cool - Protect your perishables

The heat and humidity of summer - and the hottest time is now - puts stress on walk-in coolers and freezers. Take care of them so they will take care of you and your patrons, who expect fresh food.

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ArticleJune 21, 2019
The patio is open - I’ll drink to that!

Winter is gone, and the natives are restless for any good reason to meet friends to share a drink. There is no better way to do that than with a new summer cocktail menu. Mixology is its own category of chef creativity, and the sky's the limit. Everything's better when it’s made from scratch. Do you have on hand what you need to create a signature drink to pour over crystal clear ice cubes?

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ArticleJune 12, 2019
A combi oven and blast chiller are a match made in heaven

Dating apps have nothing on Horizon Equipment when it comes to making matches that work for you. Develop a relationship with Horizon and whatever your needs are, we’ll help you arrive at a decision that is financially sound, cooking efficient, and provides service support at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

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ArticleJanuary 30, 2019
Size Really Does Matter with Foodservice Equipment Dealers

Just as the famous story of David and Goliath demonstrates, enormous size and strength does not define a winner. By accepting that Goliath was a formidable opponent, David was able to leverage his own strengths and demonstrate his unwavering loyalty towards his people.

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ArticleJanuary 17, 2019
Horizon Helps Create Award-Winning Kitchen

At Horizon, we are excited that the much talked about In Bloom restaurant in St.Paul’s Keg and Case Market was named Eaters 2018 Restaurant Design of the Year!

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ArticleDecember 05, 2018
Getting Your Restaurant Ready for The Holidays

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. For restaurants and bars the holiday season rush has begun. It’s a time during which your customers want to have fun, get together with friends and family and of course eat a ton of food.

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ArticleMay 30, 2018
6 Ways to Make Cook-Chill Profitable and Safe

Get smart on the latest innovations, safety tips and operational advantages of a cook-chill system with this free Horizon white-paper. You'll learn: • How operators realize an overall financial benefit from a cook-chill system • The essential safety considerations when creating a cook-chill operation

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ArticleApril 04, 2018
5 Cool Strategies for Perfect Ice

Ice is food. Do you take it every bit as seriously as you do the rest of your menu? In this FREE Horizon whitepaper, you'l find out how top pros manage their ice programs for success, including: 1. The critical aspects of ice safety you need to know 2. New technologies that make ice safer—and protect your equipment investment

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ArticleNovember 13, 2017
Horizon Kansas City Country Club Kitchen Project

This Horizon kitchen design team video shows how chef Eric Simpson and his culinary team at the Kansas City Country Club updated their kitchen to serve members better. Check out Chef Simpson's cooking philosophy, favorite dishes, strategies for serving country club members effectively and see the new cooking line designed by Horizon to make it all happen.

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ArticleNovember 13, 2017
6 Ways to Make More Money with a Combi Oven

Whether you're on the market for a new combi oven or you have one and want to learn how to wring more profit out of it, this free Horizon white paper is for you. Dowload it now and learn how to: • Determine whether a boiler-based combi or a boilerless unit is right for your operation • Train your staff to use your combi oven most effectively

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Vendor ProfileApril 21, 2017
The Coldest Beer in Town Comes from Chill-Rite

Industry-leading bars and restaurants are creating profitable distinction by delivering incredibly cold beer. Like, 32°, as opposed to the traditional 38-40° conventional beer systems deliver. Chill-Rite has earned an exclusive reputation in the market by guaranteeing 32° beer in the glass—no matter the temperature of the keg beer in the cooler.

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Vendor ProfileApril 18, 2017
Perlick Beverage Systems: Best-in-Class Solutions for Bars and Restaurants

For a hundred years, Milwakuee-based Perlick has been a family-owned, American-made tour de force in bar and restaurant beverage systems. Early pioneers in automated refrigeration and long beer runs, they literally wrote the book on what would become a long, proud tradition of quality beverage engineering.

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ArticleMarch 31, 2017
Free White Paper: How to Avoid 5 Costly Beer System Mistakes

This white paper is perfect for anyone who is planning, designing, installing or re-doing a commercial beer system. You'll get quick, professional tips from Horizon's leading beer system experts on:   • How to plan a beer system to maximize your cost savings • Critical tips to avoid extra, hidden costs when your system is being installed

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ArticleSeptember 27, 2016
IBIE 2016 Highlights Baking Industry Innovation

The largest professional baking business showcase—International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)—is set for Las Vegas, October 8-11. Of particular interest to Horizon customers among the 800+ exhibitors is this year's Innovation Showcase, highlighting cutting-edge products from 56 companies in the areas of equipment, ingredients, packaging and services.

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ArticleSeptember 26, 2016
Six Smart Strategies for Making the Leap to a Central Kitchen Facility

When you’re not an experienced food manufacturer, making the leap to a central kitchen production facility can be overwhelming. Production estimates, building costs, labor, equipment, space—it’s a tough mix to coordinate without the help of a skilled consultant.

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ArticleSeptember 21, 2016
Horizon Brings Game-Changing Service To Target Field Food Vendors

Horizon is working hard to make raving fans of foodservice vendors at Target Field with its legendary same-day equipment repair service. Rick Johnson, Horizon Service Manager, says Horizon will earn the trust of Target Field foodservice vendors with superior service and ummatched responsiveness when equipment goes down.

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ArticleSeptember 21, 2016
Horizon Wins Award for Meaty Sales of Biro Equipment

More and more delis, restaurants, butchers, grocery stores and meat processing facilities are turning to Horizon for their equipment outfitting.

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ArticleSeptember 19, 2016
Horizon Tees it up for Charity with CMAA Upper Midwest Chapter

A foursome from Horizon joined the Club Managers Association of America's Upper Midwest Chapter to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Upper Midwest. As an official sponsor of the event, Horizon helped raised money for the children's charity and for CMAA's Chapter Education Initiatives.

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ArticleSeptember 01, 2016
Five Ways Active Listening Creates Better Kitchen Designs

Chances are good a chef opening a new restaurant has dreamed about it for years. Concept. Menu. Staff. Décor. Equipment. Every detail considered, over and over again.

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ArticleJune 28, 2016
Lu's brings their Bahn Mi magic to Northeast Minneapolis

Horizon client Lu's Sandwiches is rapidly approaching their July 8th opening day for their new shop in Northeast Minneapolis. The location, their second in Minneapolis, follows on the heels of their succesful location on 26th and Nicollet on Minneapolis' famed Eat Street.

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ArticleJune 21, 2016
Horizon Outfits Steak 'n Shake with Outdoor Kitchen for Indy 500 Bash

Food trucks may be fast, but they're not quite ready to run at Indy.

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ArticleJanuary 18, 2016
5 Savvy Ways Top Chefs Design Their Dream Kitchens

Chefs climbing the ladder live by the simple mantra that you make use of the space you have. They earn their stripes by doing incredible work in less-than-ideal spaces. But when they have a string of hits under their belt, the purse strings are loosened and it’s time to shoot for the moon with their dream kitchen, how do they do things differently?

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ArticleJanuary 05, 2016
Kevin LaMere Joins Horizon's Design Team

Horizon has announced that kitchen design expert and project leader Kevin LaMere has joined the company’s expanding commercial kitchen design practice.  With over 30 years of industry expertise, LaMere brings a deep background in premium cooking suite design, including country clubs, fine dining, fitness clubs, hotels and corporate dining facilities.

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Case StudyNovember 05, 2015
Horizon Helps Insight Brewing Gear Up for Distribution

As you sip on a cold, craft beer at your favorite local brewpub, have you ever wondered how microbreweries make the leap to the big time? What kind of technical challenges do they face as they gear up production to handle major distribution? The first requirement: Ambition.

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Case StudyNovember 05, 2015
Old Log Theater Ramps Up for Fine Dining with Horizon

When the Old Log Theater in suburban Excelsior, MN wanted to expand their dining options for theater patrons, they turned to Horizon for a comprehensive back-of-the-house renovation.

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ArticleSeptember 29, 2015
Festival Opens New Janesville, WI Store with Horizon

For over two decades, the team at Skogen’s Festival Foods has partnered with Horizon to stay on the cutting edge. Now, their newly opened store in Janesville, WI features leading equipment solutions from Horizon, including LBC, LVO, Belshaw and Biro.

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ArticleSeptember 29, 2015
Hy-Vee Launches Twin Cities Stores with Horizon Bakery Equipment

Hy-Vee has opened its first Twin Cities grocery stores in Oakdale and New Hope with longtime partner Horizon providing bakery products. 

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