Back to Basics - Sanitation Nation

Back to Basics - Sanitation Nation


Restaurants are back to full capacity and it seems the wait times are longer than ever to get a table. Smile - this is a good thing! Businesses are in full sprint to keep the beer flowing, the fryers frying and a steady stream of patrons in the doors up until closing time. At Horizon, we've felt the rush, too! Our service team is working round the clock to get all the repairs needed to keep restaurants running smoothly.

One thing we've learned from the last year and a half is how important safety and sanitation are. It seems so basic, doesn't it? Didn't we learn all of this in kindergarten? How soon we forget how important something as simple as handwashing can be.

With all eyes on sanitation these days, you can't afford to skimp. With that, let's answer some basic questions:

  • How's your three compartment sink holding up? Is your staff properly trained on the amount of sanitizer needed? Do the brushes still spin? Are the brushes getting damaged?

  • Are your ice buckets clean? You may not notice your buckets getting a little dirty, but a customer definitely will.

  • Speaking of ice, how is your ice maker? Are the lines clean? Are the cubes as clear as they should be?

  • Are your hand washing stations clean and properly marked?

These are some basics that shouldn't be ignored when it comes to sanitation and safety. The last thing you want after a year and half of unknown is a fine from the health department.

Learn all you need to know about what you need to keep your restaurant clean and up to code through Horizon - we're here to help.