Chill with Continental Refrigerator Sandwich Units

Chill with Continental Refrigerator Sandwich Units


Keep ingredients fresh, chilled, and within reach while creating those sandwiches that bring everyone in the door.

Increase the speed and efficiency of food prep in your operation with Continental Refrigerator Sandwich Units.

Choose the configuration and size that works best for your operation, then start planning for more streamlined menu turns. All units feature an exterior, rear-mounted electronic controller with a digital temperature display. Sandwich units range from 27” to 72” widths to fit any kitchen layout, offer three different top styles and several configurations to meet your exact needs.

Once you have determined the size that will work best for your operation, it’s time to choose the top style that best meets your needs.

Top styles include the Standard Top, which has two rows of pans and a 12” deep cutting board, a Mighty Top with three rows of pans and an 8” deep cutting board, and Cutting Top with two rows of pans, and a 19” deep cutting board.

The best way to determine if you need two rows of pans on the top or three rows of pans is to make a list of the ingredients you will need for the menu items you will be prepping.

The next decision comes down to preference. Do you prefer to have doors on the bottom for your refrigerated storage area, drawers, or a combination of both? Doors mimic a reach-in refrigerator style with shelves that accommodate a variety of refrigerated ingredients and condiments. Refrigerated drawers are great for storing additional pans.

These units are built to perform in the busiest kitchens with high-quality construction and environmentally friendly refrigeration. On top of all that, you have the added benefit of versatility. If Continental Refrigerator had a middle name, it would be Flexibility. They offer several options and features that can be changed in the field at any time.