A combi oven and blast chiller are a match made in heaven

A combi oven and blast chiller are a match made in heaven


Dating apps have nothing on Horizon Equipment when it comes to making matches that work for you. Develop a relationship with Horizon and whatever your needs are, we'll help you arrive at a decision that is financially sound, cooking efficient, and provides service support at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Let's talk - you know your needs better than we do, and we know of some solutions that you may not have discovered. We can discuss your vision, what's essential, and how we can help you realize your dream restaurant kitchen.

You've got a lot of experience using the very best equipment, whether in culinary school, or as a sous chef in a Michelin™-rated restaurant. The process of building and outfitting your restaurant presents a push and pull of time, dollars, and the best equipment for the job. We deliver value for the dollars spent something we know is important to chefs and project managers alike. We'll work with you to match your vision with equipment that fulfills your budget and cooking needs. Add our ability to service equipment 24/7/365; we're the only sales and service equipment company headquartered in Minnesota.

Cook & cool quickly while saving time, money, and product quality!

Combi ovens are becoming more available in the U.S. Do you know that a combi oven comes in a variety of sizes and has three cooking modes- steam, convection, and steam plus convection? The beauty of the combi oven is its ability to minimize waste and maximize creativity. Its application is limited only by the amount of exploration you do and the training you share with your team.

A natural pairing with the combi oven is a blast chiller to expand the prep-and-hold capability to keep food moist and temperature-controlled. A blast chiller stops the cooking process and takes cooked food to the proper temperature and holds it there. The combi oven allows you to cook now (or even overnight), then transfer food to chill rapidly within HACCP food safety specifications and avoid the food-safety danger zone. Prep and hold on to menu items for a few hours or even days before retherming and plating.

Visit our test kitchen and try new restaurant equipment. You may know a specific type of product, and we may have other brands or other equipment you have not used. Let's discuss whether we have something that meets your expectations--and can deliver performance and price savings.

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