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Festival Opens New Janesville, WI Store with Horizon

For over two decades, the team at Skogen’s Festival Foods has partnered with Horizon to stay on the cutting edge. Now, their newly opened store in Janesville, WI features leading equipment solutions from Horizon, including LBC, LVO, Belshaw and Biro.

Equipment Specialist Chris Kauls from Horizon’s Supermarket Team handled the project, proving a range of solutions for Festival’s bakery, meat room and mobile display units. “It’s been a true partnership all along,” Kauls says. “We work together to develop cost-effective solutions that meet their needs. They’ve been an incredibly important customer to us over the years.”

Horizon was originally known to grocers as the bakery equipment specialists. Over the past decade, they’ve expanded their offerings to the deli and meat areas, and display cases—like the mobile warmers Festival will use to display their rotisserie chickens, a hot consumer item that only continues to grow in popularity.

For this project, Horizon outfitted the Festival Food Bakery with Revent double-rack ovens, an LBC roll-in proofer and a Belshaw open-kettle donut fryer, with accessories. The meat department was equipped with meat saws, grinders and patty machines. Mobile, heated display units rounded out the package. Kauls handled the specing, purchasing, shipping logistics and coordinated the installation. A Horizon team captained by lead installer Eric LaCroix finished the installation work over several days.

Festival has announced plans for four new stores in Wisconsin in the coming year, including one in Madison and three in the Green Bay area.

September 29, 2015 | Article