The Heart of the Kitchen - Why Ventilation is a Must

The Heart of the Kitchen - Why Ventilation is a Must


Ventilation hoods are vital in commercial kitchens. They remove harmful exhaust while keeping the kitchen safe. Did you know that there are six types of exhaust? Not only can exhaust be harmful to employees, it can have a negative effect on equipment, customers and HVAC systems. The six exhaust types that can be harmful or undesirable in a commercial kitchen are:

  1. Heat
  2. Grease-Laden Air
  3. Odors
  4. Smoke
  5. Steam
  6. Flu Gas Byproducts


Proper ventilation is necessary to eliminate exhaust and most commercial systems are equipped with built in fire-suppression systems. Fire suppression systems can be retrofitted into an existing ventilation system or integrated into a custom hood design. The system must be capable of automatic detection by means of specific temperature-rated alloy type fusible links, which separate when the temperature exceeds the rating of the link; and actuation and/or remote manual actuation.

There are two type of ventilation systems. Type I hoods are designed to remove smoke and grease. They are required for most medium-duty and heavy-duty cooking equipment. They have insulated ducts. Type 1 hoods require regular cleaning because of the grease and grease by-products that are captured to help prevent damage and fire risks that can occur due to grease build up. The amount of cleaning and maintenance depends on the type of kitchen you are running.

Type II hoods are designed to remove heat, steam, vapor, and odors. They are used above dishwashers, steam tables and similar equipment. They may or may not have grease filters.

In addition to the types of systems, there are also different hood styles. Six basic hood styles include:

  1. Wall-Mounted Canopy
  2. Single-Island Canopy
  3. Double-Island Canopy
  4. Bookshelf Hood
  5. Eyebrow Hood
  6. Pass-Over Style Hood. The style you need will depend on the equipment that is underneath it.


Not only are hoods part of the restaurant code, proper ventilation also ensures your customers get an enjoyable, comfortable experience while at your establishment.