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Horizon Wins Award for Meaty Sales of Biro Equipment

More and more delis, restaurants, butchers, grocery stores and meat processing facilities are turning to Horizon for their equipment outfitting. The Biro Manufacturing Company, a leading purveyor of meat saws, grinders, patty makers and other meat-processing equipment, recently acknowledged Horizon's category leadership with an award for greatest sales percentage increase for the Midwest region.

Horizon Equipment Specialist Tom Hartmon, the company's leading consultant on meat equipment solutions, says customers love Biro's classic engineering, flexibility and ease of maintenance. "Biro equipment has smart, practical features. They're built to last. And they're super easy to clean. That's why customers love them," Hartmon says.

Horizon President Tracy Smith was proud to receive the award, and says it reflects the company's commitment to growing with Biro. "The equipment simply speaks for itself with exceptional quality," Smith says. "We're proud to offer Biro solutions to our customers, and look forward to expanding our outfitting services in the meat-processing category."



September 21, 2016 | Article