Interested to Learn More About Horizon Equipment's Employees?

Interested to Learn More About Horizon Equipment's Employees?


Horizon Equipment has updated our team bios on the website. Our team has a variety of backgrounds, skills and interests.

From equipment specialists, project managers, service technicians, shipping and receiving specialists, accounting and more, each person plays a vital role in the success of the company since its inception in 1981.

In the updated bios, each team member explains why they love working at Horizon and helping our customers. Vice President of Business Development Todd Sherner has a passion for helping customers fulfill their dream of opening a restaurant. Other employees want to assist a customer to achieve their project's goal and Dave Marley in finance and accounting takes pride in making it easy and efficient for customers to work with Horizon.

For many of our employees, we spend our free time exploring the outdoors. Dispatcher Eric Jordal bikes around the Minnesota lakes and Service Support Ron Chermak enjoys riding his Harley Davidson.

Family is important to Horizon's employees and multiple of our biographies describe what activities we enjoy doing with our family. National Account Specialist JT Harris enjoys grilling chicken or ribs with family and Controller Andrew Youngquist loves watching his daughter's Irish dance competitions.

Many of our employees have traveled the world, including Service Systems Manager & Project Manager Jason Becker who enjoys traveling with his wife and three kids. Did you know Service Technician Roberto Barcena grew up in Michoacan, Mexico? He has a fond memory of eating food from street vendors. How tasty do tacos and enchiladas sound?!

All of our employees describe how our main mission at Horizon is to guide our customers and outfit them with the best equipment for all their cooking adventures.