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The patio is open - I’ll drink to that!

Winter is gone, and the natives are restless for any good reason to meet friends to share a drink. There is no better way to do that than with a new summer cocktail menu. Mixology is its own category of chef creativity, and the sky's the limit. Everything's better when it’s made from scratch. Do you have on hand what you need to create a signature drink to pour over crystal clear ice cubes?

Customers’ enthusiasm for your new drink menu should carry you into the heat of summer when the same crowd seeks the cool comfort of your restaurant or bar. The expectation of a pristine ice cube is now paired with the cool comfort of an air conditioned bar and restaurant.

In both cases, crystal clear ice and central air require regularly scheduled cleaning to work when you need them most. The ice machine cleaning process can take several hours—including time to remove all the ice from the bin—and it’s easy to put off when your business is busy, or it’s saved for the end of shifts and employees simply skip it. Horizon provides a white paper on strategies for perfect ice—safe, clean and pure.

When it’s 90 degrees with high humidity and an unwelcome dew point, five of the worst words to a customer are, “Sorry, our AC broke down.” That’s why regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance are so important. Learn more about water filtration systems for ice, and maintenance programs for ice and HVAC available through Horizon. Contact us to learn more.

June 21, 2019 | Article