Season of Eating | Holidays Are Around the Corner (Part II)

Season of Eating | Holidays Are Around the Corner (Part II)


In the weeks ahead, there will be an abundance of group-centered celebrations with food. During the myriad of holidays on the horizon, you will likely shift the flavors and focus of your menu to satisfy regular guests and attract new patrons.

When preparing for the busiest, food-centered time of year, our restaurant outfitters remind to carve out time to evaluate the kitchen layout, kitchen equipment, and the smaller items you use daily so you're fully ready for the seasons' celebrations.


  • What needs to be replaced?
    • Tabletop
      • Dinnerware
      • Flatware
      • Glasswear
    • Smallwares
      • Kitchen cutlery
      • Cookware
      • Storage containers for catering
  • Do you need to have anything repaired or replaced?
    • Equipment due for inspection and/or cleaning
      • Ice machine
      • Refrigeration and/or freezers
      • Dishwasher
      • Beverage dispensers
  • Do you need to reorganize the space?


Immediate needs are just that: evaluate and act now in preparation for the holiday season. Ask one of our guides to show you our collection of tabletop and smallwares.

Perhaps it's time to increase your kitchen's capabilities. It's never too soon to start thinking about work that can be executed when the season of eating yields to a slower time of the year. Give consideration to reconfiguration or expansion for first quarter.

Horizon Equipment design and service teams are ready to outfit your kitchen with all the supplies for a successful season.