APW Wyatt Classic Insulated Round Warmers (RW-2V)

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Designed Smart

  • Heating elements surround the sides that evenly distribute heat throughout the unit.
  • Effectively keeps hot foods, soups and sauces at consistent levels above 140 degrees.
  • Provided with insulation to protect interior parts and countertops from heat build-up.
  • Round Warmers are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel for long life.
  • Interior liner is made with durable stainless steel.

Product Features

  • 11 quart capacity.
  • Stainless steel housing with stainless steel liner.
  • Thermostatic control (adjusts to low, medium and high).
  • Raised liner edge prevents outside condensation.
  • Control and cord are located on the back of the warmer.
  • Electric band element provides fast, even heat.
  • Wet operation.
  • Uses standard insets and covers. (inset covers not included)