Belshaw Gas Donut Fryer, 18"x26", 718LCG-120V-NG (21263)

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· 18"x24" fry area

· Holds 24 standard donuts

· Max capacity of 60 dozen donuts per hour

· 2 screens with handles

· 44,000 BTU

Whether you're making glazed ring donuts or your own gourmet creation, Belshaw open kettle fryers are the top choice for convenience, flexibility, heat accuracy and long service life. The 718L fryer comfortably holds 24 donuts and has a production capacity of approximately 60 dozen donuts per hour. The CG model requires an electrical source for electronic ignition and includes an electronic heat controller to keep frying temperature right on target. The FG model runs without electricity, using a thermostat and standing pilot ignition. This fryer uses standard size screens and easy-to-find standard baking racks - perfect for a full variety of cake and yeast-raised donuts! Each fryer comes with two 17 x 25 inch screens with handles.

NOTE: Belshaw items sell and ship to the following states ONLY: CO, IA, KS, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, SD, WI, WY.