Belshaw Hand Glazer (HG24C)

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(22534) Hand Glazer, (55) lb. capacity, 23" x 23" screens, hand-held glaze applicator, drain with cap, includes drain tray, stainless steel cover & construction, (4) heavy duty casters, (2) lockable, NSF

Belshaw’s HG18EZ and HG24EZ 'EZLift' style glazers allow fast, uniform glazing of donuts, cinnamon rolls and other baked goods. Both glazers conveniently glaze one full screen at a time with minimal waste. Belshaw’s EZlift method eliminates the heavy lifting associated with standard hand glazers. Rather than being carried by the operator, the glaze applicator slides along rails, and tilts down to fill up with glaze. This design provides even glaze coverage with little strain on the operator.