Belshaw Type B Cake Donut Depositor, Manual (80001000)

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Belshaw depositors, the industry standard for many years, are legendary for their precision and smoothness of operation - even after many years of use. Each depositor is engineered of durable gears, cams and trip arms to produce nearly identical volume and shape with every deposit. The Type B Depositor utilizes a hand crank to deposit at a rate up to 80 (or more) per minute. The internal workings of the Type B ensures a smooth turn of the crank handle and a well shaped deposit placed anywhere in the fryer. The service life of a Belshaw Type B is frequently measured in decades. 

• Aluminum alloy frame and arm assembly
• Hardened steel cams
• Bronze trip arms and bushings
• Aluminum hopper (Capacity 15 lbs/6.8 kg)
• Stainless steel and aluminum cylinder
• Deposit weight adjustment dial
• Crank handle
• Compatible with Belshaw Type B/Type F plungers and cylinders only