Belshaw Type K Donut Depositor, Manual TYPE-K-DONUT (8504022)


Belshaw’s Type K Donut Depositor is ideal for creating perfectly formed cake donuts. The Type K is quick and easy to use and provides accurate portion control at a variety of sizes with a single plunger.

• Belshaw’s Type K depositors are designed to be
mastered by the novice in minutes. Operation is easily
accomplished with minimal waste, and consistent deposits
are easily delivered time after time.
• The Type K provides 6 volume settings located on the
handle. Typical weight range is from 1.2 - 1.8 oz (34 - 50g).
A consistently shaped product is delivered time after time.
• The hopper holds 5.5 lbs of batter (2.5 kg), allowing
approximately 58 deposits of 1½ oz (43g). Each hopper is
constructed of aluminum to reduce weight. Each plunger
and built-in cylinder is constructed of stainless steel to
assure durability. The entire unit is corrosion resistant and
easy to clean.
• Two plungers are available, a 1-9/16" plunger for
standard size donuts and a 1" plunger for mini donuts. In
addition the Donut Depositor accepts Belshaw plunger
attachments to a plain plunger. These attachments divide
the donut deposit into 2, 3 or 4 pieces (as shown on
following page)
• The Type K Donut Dispenser is NSF-C2 certified.