Frymaster High-Efficiency Gas Fryer, 35lb, (ESG35T)

  • Requires 33% less BTU/hr than comparable standard models
  • MillivoltControl - no electrical hook-up required
  • 22% less oil. 35-lb. frypot produces as much food as a 45-lb. fryer
  • Wide cold zone keeps crumbs and sediment away from cooking areas.

The new ESG35T is a value fryer that exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines and qualifies for energy-saving rebates.  The ESG35T requires only 70,000 BTU/hr, 33% less than comparable standard models.  The 6” heating tubes have proprietary baffles and painted interiors that deliver super heat transfer. This reduces flue heat loss by 27%. The insulated frypot allows for a low idle rate of 6,143 Btu/hr. further enhancing the energy savings provided by the ESG35T. And this 35-lb fryer has the same cooking capacity as a 45-lb fryer, saving 10 lbs. of oil every time the frypot is filled.