ThermalRite Walk-in Coolers by Everridge

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ThermalRite Walk-in Coolers by Everidge featuring the SmartRite Monitor

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Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers are an essential part of your restaurant, bar or café. They are a must to ensure food safety and food quality. Walk-ins can provide a more controlled environment for your food to help eliminate food waste and keep your food at safe temperatures. When food temperature is properly controlled it also helps keep from losing taste and texture that make your meals wonderful and your customers coming back.

Built to fit your space, Horizon is proud to work with ThermalRite by Everidge to bring you the best for your needs.

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Why ThermalRite?

ThermalRite builds walk-in coolers and can custom just about everything.  Whether your walk-in will be inside or outside, they are manufactured with environmentally sensitive urethane foam with 3.5” – 6” panel thickness for high efficiency.  Built with an air-tight seal and tongue and groove construction, your running costs and energy consumption will be significantly lowered.  The interior and exterior finish of their walk-in coolers are always made of 26-gauge galvanized steel with black, white, or almond, paint or a variety of optional other finishes.

SmartRite SmartRite


The new SmartRite Walk-In Monitor System by Everidge is suitable for use with the ThermalRite walk-ins. The SmartRite monitor is touch screen that features a 5” TFT display with full color, the largest available on the market today.  This system will help maintain your perishables and optimum quality and safety, while reducing energy costs.  It offers a range of functions including Bluetooth and wifi capabilities, keeping the information at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Features of the SmartRite system include:

• 5” TFT full-color touchscreen display

• Cloud monitoring of RH%, temperature, and alarms via       WIFI

• Ability to fully monitor two rooms, front to back, with just one alarm

• Humidity (RH%) and temperature readings utilizing a   single digital sensor

• 2 dedicated door/jamb heaters outputs

• Dedicated Vu-port heater output

• Evaporator fan switch

• 3 external light switch inputs

• 3 motion detector inputs

• Interconnection capabilities between alarm/monitor   systems for light and panic operation from multiple doors

Family Owned

ThermalRite has been a family-owned company for over 30 years with headquarters in Plymouth, MN and has manufacturing facilities around the United States.