Walk - in Refrigeration

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Walk - in Refrigeration

Outfit your kitchen confidently with reliable refrigeration

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Don't risk spoiling your greatest asset. Protect your product and craft confidently.

Horizon’s designers are experienced in a variety of kitchen operations and know the questions to ask to find the right solution for each. Walk-in coolers are not one-size-fits all, there are many options to choose from. There are two main categories; prefabricated and built-in. They can be placed indoors or outdoors. Then there are four components to consider; panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system all with varying options. Finally there are add-ons to choose from; shelving, thermometers, strip doors, non-skid strips, and lighting. Your Horizon designer will help assess your needs against the cost of your investment.

Walk-in Cooler Planning Guide

A checklist for outfitting refrigeration in your kitchen.

Insight Brewery Cooler Panel Insight Brewery Cooler Panel
We want to be the fastest growing brewer in Minnesota, and eventually, the fastest growing in America.

To make the leap into major distribution, Insight needed to add another large walk-in cooler, and once again turned to Horizon for help with sourcing, purchasing, shipping, and installation.

Mike Schmidt | Owner of Insight Brewing
Thermalrite Thermalrite

ThermalRite Refrigeration

Horizon is proud to be a ThermalRite dealer. With multiple options for walk-in refrigeration, the possibilities are endless.