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Belshaw Donut Robot Mark II Automatic Donut Maker

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•  Production capacity of 37 dozen donuts per hour

•  Includes automatic cake donut depositor

•  Produces high quality, well-formed cake donuts right out of the box

•  Makes excellent yeast-raised donuts with a few accessories (not included)

•  Uses 50% less shortening than standard kettle fryers

•  Aluminum hopper holds 10 lbs. (4.5kg) of batter, yielding 10 minutes of free time between refills

•  Excellent display-cooking experience drives retail traffic

•  Optional Mini Donut Conversion Kit (not included) allows Mark II to also make mini donuts

•  Available in electric and gas models

•  Available with plain or star plungers


Who hasn’t stood by a carnival donut booth and watched donuts being made by an automated machine? The sights and smells are mesmerizing. This legendary workhorse—Belshaw’s Donut Robot Mark II—is the heart of that beloved experience.


Far less bulky than kettle fryers, the Mark II is perfect for operations short on space but long on customers. It cranks out 37 dozen donuts per hour, each fried to golden-brown perfection in about 90 seconds. Donut depositing, frying, turning and dispensing are all fully automated, so there’s no standing over the fryer. You can adjust the donut size, frying time and shortening temperature to suit your unique product style.


While the sweet, doughy goodness chugs along the automatic conveyor, you can do other things—you’ve got 10 minutes between hopper refills. By eliminating cooking-time guesswork, it uses 50% less oil than kettle fryers and produces a far more consistent product. Your accountant and your customers will nod their approval. 

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Tech Specs

  • Production Volume: 
    37 Dozen per hour
  • Frying Area: 
    32"L x 12"W x 4.5"D
  • Model Types: 
    Electric or Gas
  • Voltage: 
    120V or 208/240V